Online Trucking, Inc. is a bonded carrier headquartered in Downey, California. We operate throughout California, including but not limited to, ports/harbor, railroads, domestic drayage to warehouses, yards and door to door traffic. Our facility is designed for your storage and trucking needs.

Our Port & Rail Drayage operations utilize interchange agreements with all ocean carriers, as well as with the rails, IMC’s, and logistic providers. Online Trucking, Inc. works directly with these carriers to provide drayage operations on behalf of the ocean carriers through bill of lading.

Online Trucking, Inc. is also a “third party” logistics provider. We have 3 axle tractor units, 53′ dry vans and 3 axle chasses at our disposal to handle all of your intermodal needs. So we can assist all of our clients with integrating or customizing their business operations with their shipping needs.


  • Professionalism

  • Safety

  • Integrity

  • Efficiency

  • Innovation

  • Respect for the customer

  • Respect for the Environment

Online Trucking, Inc. proudly serves both large and small organizations. We are committed to understanding our customers needs by offering competitive pricing, high standards of performance and flexible personalized service. Ultimately we aim to continually strengthen our ability to satisfy our customer requirements and improve our operations.

Safety is an ongoing priority to ensure we are in full compliance and abide by all federal and state regulations. We’ve undergone extensive Federal (Department Of Transportation) and State (California Highway Patrol) safety audits which have always resulted in SATISFACTORY RATINGS.

So whether your business is small or large, Online Trucking, Inc. will provide you with the professional and courteous service that you should expect. We thank you for taking the time to consider us for any of your trucking needs and look forward to the opportunity to serve you